About Us

Texas Brain Injury Alliance (TexasBIA), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is a Texas-wide community of people with brain injuries, their  families, friends and dedicated professionals. TexasBIA is part of a network of state Brain Injury Alliances across the United States and is an affiliate of the national U.S. Brain Injury Alliance (USBIA).


Texas Brain Injury Alliance was organized in 1982 as the Texas Head Injury Association by a group of family members and healthcare professionals to meet the needs of  brain injury survivors. Prior to 1982, there was no public agency in Texas dedicated to providing guidance, advice, emotional support or other help for those suddenly faced with both the immediate and long-term effects of brain injury.

To focus on brain injury specifically, the National Head Injury Foundation changed its name to the Brain Injury Association of America in 1995. The Texas Head Injury Association followed suit, changing its name to Brain Injury Association of Texas. In July 2012 the organization joined the national Alliance network of 22 states becoming the Texas Brain Injury Alliance.

TexasBIA strives to provide family guidance, to support research and rehabilitation, and to develop programs for public awareness and education. Funds to accomplish these tasks come from individuals, businesses and industries, and public donations and grants.


To empower and support brain injury survivors, their families, and caregivers with a lifelong and enduring quality of life.


The lead association in Texas advocating support systems to enhance quality of life and community participation for individuals affected by brain injury.


To network entities and resources to promote rehabilitation, prevention research, and advocacy of brain injury.


TexasBIA is the leading association in Texas providing support, advocacy, and professional education regarding brain injury. Membership is made up of people with brain injuries, their family members, their friends, and other professionals.

Texas BIA helplineInformation and Referral Sources

TexasBIA has available a FREE Family Helpline (1-800-392-0040) for people struggling with recent injuries who are trying to connect to available services.

Connecting With Local Support Groups

TexasBIA works to connect families with local support groups. It’s important for survivors and family members to get together and see that they are not alone in their struggle so that they can function independently in the community.

Education for Survivors and Families

Education for all about the epidemic of brain injury and the myriad needs for brain injury survivors and caregivers is a high priority. It’s critical that survivors and families know about services available to them.

Prevention Strategies

There is no cure for traumatic brain injury. Our efforts encourage prevention from babies to adults.  Brain injuries CAN be prevented.

Public Policy Issues

Brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability among children and is one of the most significant causes of death and disability in adults. There are numerous public policy issues that must be addressed regarding brain injury. TexasBIA takes an active role in preserving services that already exist and in encouraging appropriations to end waiting lists for service programs. You can aid our grassroots movement by signing up for our legislative alerts.

Educational Opportunities

For more than 30 years we have developed conferences that attract nationally-recognized speakers. We present new research in the field, changes and developments in services, provider information, and opportunities for people with brain injury to share their strengths, stories, struggles and successes.

Coalition Building

Finding, developing, and nurturing natural alliances—such as with the Rehabilitation Council of Texas, the Texas Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Council, the Disability Policy Consortium, the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities, and many others—is a constant focus.

Media Outreach

Wherever possible, TexasBIA will publicize its events and initiatives online and through traditional media. We also provide experts to comment on current news and trends relating to brain injury.

For more information about the  Texas Brain Injury Alliance, email: info@texasbia.org