32nd Texas Brain Injury Symposium

December 9, 2016

J.J. Pickle Center, Austin, Texas

 The Texas Brain Injury Alliance proudly announces that our 2016 Symposium will be held December 9 at UT’s J.J. Pickle Research Center, Commons Building #137, 10100 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78758.  The day-long Symposium will provide an opportunity for survivors, educators, families, regulators, medical staff, case managers and others to come together to share information and inspiration. Pre-registration will be required for this conference.  

Registration can be completed by following this link: https://ibia.eventsair.com/32nd-annual-bis/txbia-registration

We are pleased to welcome  Mario F. Dulay , Jr,  PhD, as our opening speaker.  Dr. Dulay is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurosurgery  at Houston Methodist Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical College. He heads The Houston Institute for Neuropsychological Knowledge (THINK) laboratory, which studies the neurobiological basis of human behavior using neuropsychological, neuroimaging  [functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)], neurophysiological, and sensory psychophysical methods to better understand the impact of disease on the brain. Dr. Dulay kickstarts  an insightful slate of speakers presenting on a variety of topics including concussion, disorders of consciousness, coping strategies, neuroplasticity, and biofeedback.

Course Schedule:

7:45-8:15  Registration and Exhibits

8:15-8:30 Symposium Opening

8:30 Mario Dulay, PhD:  Coping strategies for Abulia, Apathy, and Amotivation after Brain Injury


A:  Dawn Philips, COTA:  Neuroplasticity and Recovery from Brain Injury

B:  Deana Adams, PhD: Coping Strategies of TBI Survivors and Primary Caregivers

10:15-11:00 Posters/Exhibits


A:  Manuel Mas, MD; Nikola Dragojlovic, DO; Marissa Lyon, DPT; M. Cullen Gibbs, PhD :Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Care of Individuals with Concussive and Post Concussive Disorders

B:  Richard Temple, PhD: Healing Breaths: Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback in Individuals with Brain Injury

11:45 -12:45 Awards Lunch


A:  Julie Rizkallah, MA; Amy Matthews, MD; Patrice Perrin, DPT:  Assessment and Treatment intervention for DOC and Low Level Brain Injury Patients

B: Binu Tharakan, PhD: Recent Advances in TBI Research


A.  Katrina Belen, PsyD: Identity Affirmation, Social Activism, and Disability

B.  Amy Zellmer: Overcoming Life with TBI


A.  Rene Mills, MS, CCC/SLP; Kristy Easley, MA, CCC/SLP: Improving Insight and Awareness in Brain Injury

B.  Celine Broussard, OTR; Victoria Daughtery, MSOT; Angela Mikeska, MOT: Management of Affected Upper Extremity after Brain Injury


A.  Amy Mackenzie, RN, PhD: Round Table Discussion of Support Group

B.  Whitney Welsch, DPT: Mild TBI, Oculomotor Impairments and Return to Learn